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Having an accessible website means that your site is designed and developed so that anyone can use it. This includes people with disabilities, which makes up 20% of the Australian population.

Accessibility is essential for businesses that want to create high-quality websites, and not exclude people from using or buying their products and services.

What is a web accessibility audit?

A web accessibility audit involves a comprehensive testing process of your website to evaluate its degree/level of accessibility. It involves:


Manual evaluation of your website

Testing the website with a variety of automated tools

Recommendations on how to comply

Why do you need web accessibility audit?


If you sell or promote products and services online, you have an obligation to ensure that all of your customers – including the one in five Australians who have a disability – are able to access these online.


Accessible websites are cleaner, more effective websites – and often improve the user experience.


Having an accessible website means that you gain the ability to target your products and services to a large and under-served market: the one in five Australians with a disability.


Accessible websites are required by law in Australia (Disability & Discrimination Act 1992).

If you’re hoping to make your website accessible, contact us and we’ll happily provide you with a customised quote, based on your existing website and its functionality.

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