Website maintenance

Our website maintenance plan is an ongoing, premium service to keep your website up-to-date.

Why is website maintenance needed?

Your website was developed on the WordPress platform, using a premium theme to build the site, and a number of plugins to provide its functionality. Because the platform, theme and plugins often roll-out upgrades to fix issues and improve security, ongoing website maintenance is very important.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your website maintenance plan will depend on the size of your website, and what type of functionality your website has. The quarterly website maintenance cost for your website was provided in your website design proposal, before work begins.

What does my plan include?


A full back-up of your website will be downloaded and saved before all upgrades are performed.

Updating WordPress

If a new version of WordPress has been released, your website will be updated to the new version.

Updating your theme

If a new version of your premium website theme has been released, your website will be updated to the new version.

Updating all plugins

If there are new versions of the plugins used to provide the functionality on your website, these will be updated to the new versions.

Security scan

A basic security scan is performed on your website to scan for malicious firewalls and malware.

Content review

Your website content will be reviewed after all updates have been completed, to ensure no issues have occurred.
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